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About Us

We enable more effective products, processes, innovations, and ideas.

Who We Are

ASI (Advanced Solutions, Inc.) and its subsidiaries operate as a diversified technology company providing integrated hardware and software solutions and services enabling users the ability to achieve more effective products, processes, innovations, and ideas. 

Founded in 1987, ASI serves clients in biomedical, life sciences, material handling, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, academic, retail, and software industries throughout the United States.

What We Do

ASI (Advanced Solutions, Inc.) is passionate about leveraging technology to improve the business processes, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Our skilled teams help clients gain a competitive advantage by recommending, implementing, and customizing solutions that lead to increased revenues, reduced operating costs, improved efficiencies, and personal growth.

Core Capabilities

ASI (Advanced Solutions, Inc.) teams work with clients and customers to solve their most challenging needs by leveraging industry expertise and core strengths:

  • Deep and varied subject matter expertise in the biomedical, material handling, artificial intelligence, software development, academic, and retail industries.

  • Top-class software engineering capability to implement software customization and automation into industries.

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